Ethically founded - clinically defined

Do you require clinically-defined samples for the establishment and validation of your test system, large numbers of samples for the production of standard material or control samples for your internal quality controls?

We are a reliable partner to the diagnostic industry that prepares sera, plasmas and tissue according to your specifications. Our product portfolio extends from small, medium and large-volume normal sera to samples with detailed clinical documentation. We specialise in the field of autoimmune diseases. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions...

Our projects are appraised by independent international and local ethics commissions from an ethical perspective and they are implemented in conformity with the opinions of the Ethics Committee. They are also subject to regular and comprehensive legal reviews by independent legal experts to ensure adherence to all relevant statutory provisions. The findings of these reviews are compiled in an expertise which we use as a policy guideline. It is mandatory to inform and obtain written consent from the patients in order to obtain ethically, legally and medically substantiated samples.

We provide you with high-quality materials that are suitable for ISO-compliant processes.

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