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in.vent Diagnostica is a partner in funded projects


in.vent combines many years of experience and a comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of in vitro diagnostics with the dynamics of a young and flexible organisation in a very unique way. This symbiosis enables us to offer solutions for many stages of the IVD lifecycle which surpass the norm and satisfy the increasingly demanding requirements in the field of human diagnostics. Based on past precedent projects, in.vent is a partner to the diagnostics industry, specialising in the provision of human biological samples, the processing of proteins and the development of test systems.

Over the course of its 10-year history, in.vent has recorded continuous growth of all relevant business performance parameters. in.vent is committed to the philosophy of organic growth.

Involvement in NGFN2 and BioProfil Nutrigenomik research and development projects.
in.vent’s know-how is incorporated in diverse research projects. In some cases it acts as partner and in others as consortium leader. in.vent is responsible for the coordination of university and industrial research activities.

Continuous growth in the number of employees in all the company’s business units.

Further certification of in.vent pursuant to DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 in November. At the same time, the company moved into new premises in order to expand its activities and it was given independent legal entity status.
in.vent won the District of Oberhavel’s Innovation Award for a project to create a chemiluminescence label for use in immunoassays.

Commencement of rapid test production, customised development and production, certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

Extension of the marketing and sales organisation, establishment of a quality management system, product development.

in.vent DIAGNOSTICA GmbH became an independent investment company. Additional objectives: project-oriented procurement of biological materials for the diagnostic industry, R&D, protein biochemistry.

Spin off from the R&D department of BRAHMS AG with the objective of sourcing materials for the projection of in vitro diagnostics.


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